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Management Structure
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Management Structure of JCT
 Name & Designation Designation in Club Work Assigned for Football Club
Samir Thapar
Vice Chairman & Managing Director,
JCT Limited, New Delhi
President Overall Head, Administration
Rajmohan Singh
Director (Operations)
JCT Limited, Phagwara
Sr. Vice President Administration & General Power of Attorney
Dy General Manager(L&IR),
JCT Limited, Phagwara
General Secretary Administration, Facility & responsible for all Correspondence
Sanjay Maheshwari
General Manager (F&A),
JCT Limited, Phagwara
Head Finance & Accounts Head Finance & Accounts
Rajmohan Singh
Sr. Vice President(Retail Division)
JCT Limited, Phagwara
Head Marketing & Media Head Marketing, Media and Fan Development
Parminder Singh
Asst. General Manager (Sports),
JCT Limited, Phagwara
Dy. General Secretary & Head
Squad Management
Head Event & Squad Management
Sudeep Asani
Asst. General Manager (Admn.),
JCT Limited, New Delhi.
Liaison Officer & Guest Hospitality Liaison works with Govt. Officials, International Guests/ Players Hospitality and receipt and departure of Players/Guests at New Delhi
Manager (L&IR),
JCT Limited, Phagwara
Liaison Officer
(Legal Work)
Liaison & Legal Work with Local Govt. Officials including Contracts of Football Players.
D.S. Rathore
Unit Head (Filament Division) ,
JCT Limited, Chohal (Hoshiarpur)
Administration/Facility Administration/Facility – at JCT Sports Complex, Chohal (Hoshiarpur)
List of Subordinate Staff of JCT
 Name Designation in Club Work Assigned for Football Club
R.Seshadhri P.A. to President To assist President in discharging his duties.
Jiwan Kapoor P.A. to General Secretary To assist General Secretary in discharging his duties.
Vinod Dhir P.A. to Head Finance & Accounts To assist Head Finance & Accounts and to maintain complete accounts of club.
Surinder Singh P.A. to Liaison Officer (Legal) To assist Liaison Officer in preparation of Players’ contracts.
Vijay Bali Office Secretary To do entire organizational/official work of club and to assist Head Event Management in discharging his duties.