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JCT legendry Midfielder Parminder Singh (Asian Star) in action for India Team.Parminder Singh while receiving Rahim Award Player of the decade by the then Prime Minister PV.Legend Inder Singh shaking hand.Legendry Inder Singh receiving honour from Chief Guest.JCTs Legendry Captain shaking hand with Chief Guest.JCT legendry captain Inder Singh receiving Durand Cup from Chief Guest in the early 70.First ever coach of JCT introducing Legendry Inder Singh to the Chief Guest.G. S. Parmar in action for India Team.G. S. Parmar legendry defender of JCT.JCT Star striker and Captain Inder Singh receiving winner trophy.JCT Captain G.S. Parmar and Mohun Bagan Captain with Referee for Toss.The Founder Mr. M.M.Thapar with Durand Cup 1987 victorious JCT Team.The Founder Mr. M.M.Thapar with JCT Captain & Other Key players in celebration party for winning Durand Cup 1987.The Founder Mr. M.M.Thapar in celebration party after winning Durand Cup 1987.Club President in Winner team celebration party.Founder Mr. M. M. Thapar in celebration party of team winning Durand Cup 1992.M. S. Bhullar while giving prizes to JCT playersJCT defender G.S.Parmar tackling sharp shooting striker Chima Okerie of Mohd. Sporting in Durand Final.Durand Cup Winner Team 1987.JCT Captain Parminder Singh introducing striker Kuljit Singh to the Chief Guest of the match.JCT Captain G. S. Parmar receiving Durand Cup in the 1983.JCT Durand Cup winner team 1983.JCT players celebrating Durand Cup Victory 1987.Celebration Party JCT Durand Cup Winner 1992.Durand Cup Winner Team JCT 1987.Chairman Sh. M. M. Thapar with Durand Cup Winner team 1992.The Founder Mr. M.M.Thapar with Durand Cup 1992 victorious team.Durand Cup Winner JCT 1992.Action Photo Durand Cup Final 1992.Harjinder Singh receiving honour in Durand Cup 1992.JCT Team with Durand Cup trophy 1992.Celebration Party Federation Cup 1995.President & other Senior Officers on JCT team bench during a match in Durand Cup.Road Show - JCT Federation Cup Winner Team 1995.Road Show - JCT Federation Cup Winner Team 1995.Road Show - JCT Federation Cup Winner Team 1995.Road Show - JCTs Federation Cup Winner 1995.Large Crowed of JCT supporters in Welcome Ceremony of JCT Federation Cup Winner Team 1995.Legends of Punjab State.JCT Stadium packed during NFL Match between JCT and Mahindra United 1996.JCT winner team Punjab Super League 2003.