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 Vikram Aditya paul (23/06/2011)
  Still can't belive that JCT FC is hanging it's boots afer 40 yrs of illustious run. It sure was a painful news; but I agree with the management that running a football club in not a financially viable option. Shameful! But true. We follow European football but can't do anything to protect our own.
 pg singh (23/06/2011)
  this is very bad news for punjab football , we r requesting you to reconsider your decision of disbanding team
 gurpreet (21/06/2011)
  will JCT FC be back in the next season,if the owners read this please reconsider your decision to stop operating as a fully furnished club,JCT is the only football hope in the northern india and we really proud of its history,no matter what JCT will be my favourite club,i won't be able to replace JCT and start cheering for some other indian club,if JCT is not there then the domestic football is dead for me
 Vij (01/06/2011)
  Will JCT stay in I-League next year, as AIFF has decided to adopt Head to Head option for choosing the relegation issue for the teams come on same points. Any one guess before last match between Dempo and HAL ?
 Navjot Singh (30/05/2011)
  Hey, anybody knows how to join the JCT football academy? Please help. Email to fabregassingh@gmail.com
 PRITAM KUMAR DAS (26/04/2011)
  try to improve the performance in the current i league 2010-11 .
 DEBASISH SARKAR (05/03/2011)
  i wish to all the players to win all the rest match of I League....
 Rahul Saxena (25/01/2011)
  I would suggest "JCT FC" be renamed "JCT Punjab FC" Names are very important from attracting fans and player motivation point of view. See the examples of Kansas city sporting, Pune FC, Indian Arrows (formerly AIFF II), Shillong Lajong (which means "our own" )..
 Tushar (05/01/2011)
  Balwant should be given some rest as he is miserably failed to deliver what is expected from him. JCT should try some other striker in place of Balwant.
 jai pal (04/11/2010)
  baldeep singh is good player.....mf player good.....
 Sukhdeep Kang (17/10/2010)
  come on jct we have to won the durand cup
 vij (28/07/2010)
  Please update new signing of players in the website.. Good Luck
 sukhdeep (26/03/2010)
  well done jct
 rajat (15/01/2010)
  i like the club most than others and i don't miss even a single match of it.
 VARUN CHODHA (24/11/2009)
  Amandeep Welldone You r One & only player who won th whole team
 PARMAR (01/11/2009)
  CONGRATS FOR WEB SITE. Heloo magmnt wake up find a striker for this 09 yr. I do'nt know who going to be .We fans do'nt care if John from USA or JAG from Canada. Please find some one.You can'nt play draw after draw. Thanks
 hitesh (08/10/2009)
  Right now JCT have so many young and committed players which are chosen from JCT academy. I appreciate to all team. If in JCT 1 or more foreigner players will come then JCT can do better and JCT will have to more chance come at 1st position in this league. I wish all the best to whole JCT Team & Managment management.
 manpinder grewal (12/09/2009)
  i love jagpreet game,really u doing very well keep it up budy....
 Barinder Ahluwalia (14/07/2009)
  Will the webmaster update the team roster now that some prominent players like Anwar, Marcos Perera and Sunil Kumar have moved? Thanks. Barinder
 deepu (07/07/2009)
  m a big fan of JCT
 Manuel (05/05/2009)
  Anyone got pictures of our stadium, like http://www.stadiumzone.net when was the stadium inaugurated?
 Vijay (04/03/2009)
  Come on JCT! only few games are left in I-League combine well and play some good football to survice in I-League.
 guri (03/03/2009)
  sir,i am guri.i am 17 yrs old.i am also playing football and plys a right midfied.i like jct.i want to came in jct academy .can rply me at drjazzrattan@yahoo.com.
 Sunil Sharma (07/02/2009)
  Come on JCT. Today is your's day to win against Mohammedan Sporting. I am quite sure that Edu & Paul may comibe well to give valuable three points to JCT. Best wishes to all JCT members and fans.
 Punjabi Wolves (02/02/2009)
  Samir, Rajmohan and Gurmungal, we Punjabi Wolves sincerley hope you enjoyed your stay in England and more so our hospitality towards yourself by way of a Dinner & Dance on 31/01/09.
 sneha caldeira (21/01/2009)
  dear JCT your foreign players are doing very well especially julius akpele cheers to him and all the other players all the best to your team all my support is with jct
 mohammed (16/01/2009)
  good luck j.c.t and wish to see our good goal keeper mansuru mohammed back to j.c.t once again,because he is good and good for our club.
 saumendu bhowmik (23/12/2008)
  congrats for jct football team management for what they are doing in producing new star,like Anwar Ali,Balbant Singh.keep going on,so we can see more and more panjabi footballers ,keeping india's flag in international events,even world cup.
 JAI SINGH (11/12/2008)
 Jiwan Kapoor (02/12/2008)
  By loosing 3-4 matches of I-League JCT has come down in the tally. Why we are not opting for 3rd foreigner for the team especially striker to make up the scoring deficit. Hope JCT does its best in the forthcoming matches to go up in the tally.
 sahil (11/11/2008)
  narinder singh welldone gud player i like ur style
 Tushar (15/10/2008)
  I love JCT.
 Kanwalpreet (15/10/2008)
  I am visiting Punjab in a couple of months and I would like to watch a game. Could you please tell me the address so I know where it is Thank you
 BILAL.M.C (05/10/2008)
  i want to join jct football academy
 Biswarup Karmakar (13/09/2008)
  Though JCT is a very progressive club, one area it needs to concentrate upon more is developing its brand as a football club and a dedicated fan base. have we ever thought that inspite of dishing out good quality football in recent years, why does JCT not have any passionate fan base? a good fan base can really work as the 12th man for the team, besides helping generate considerable present and future income for the club. does this mean punjab doesnt have sufficient following of the beautiful game? i dont think so..... i think its because we as a club have not been proactive enough to tap into this otherwise affluent market. okay, so who will dedicatedly follow a football club? people who can associate with it, feel it as a part of their identity. and what does people associate themselves with, take pride in identifying themselves with?? its their city, district, state ........... therein lies the answer ....... if JCT has to build a fan base who can both passionately egg on their team on the field and provide a steady source of long term income, it needs to change its name immediately to the city/district/state its based out of ........ that will instantly provide it with a ready market, which can then be developed further. who will spend money to watch a match of a club named after a company, with whom people do not associate themselves in their routine lives? very few, if at all any, other than probably the top management and sundry other satisfied employees of that company!!!!! not enough to motivate the players, nor contributing to the prosperity of the club, neither helping create a vibrant club atmosphere, which is a prerequisite in today's world of competitive and potentially lucrative club football. request the club managemengt to give it a serious thought.
 Jaskaran Singh Bhullar (27/08/2008)
  JCT will win Durand Cup and league this year. With Chetri and Rennedy leaving, they might struggle.Edu and Marcos are key players
 Divija (18/08/2008)
  hi Sunil chhetri ,u r my heart throbe. i love u
 Will (11/08/2008)
  Hello from the USA. This new site looks great! I am looking forward to checking it often for updates, especially as the new I-League season approaches. Go Millmen!
 karan (21/07/2008)
  jct is a great team n very popular among people of punjab. i am proud of jct being the only team from north india playing in i league. and acquiring good reputation in india.
 Jasdeep Singh (21/07/2008)
  JCT is like "Punjabiyan Di Brazil Team"
 Deepak (11/07/2008)
  Hello, can you post some pictures of the stadium of JCT FC which I can use for http://www.stadiumzone.net Thank you :)
 Ashwani Thapar (26/06/2008)
  Proud to see the site today.Wish JCT and its football team a great success in coming years and pray to god to win the federation cup once again this year.
 Roshan (12/06/2008)
  I am one of those people who would like to see Indian football, Indian clubs and Indian players on a international level in all aspects. For some people it's a game and for one's watching it's entertainment. You people should consider something like IPL increase all or every options to increase sales. it does not mean cheer leaders. but there are many use Zee Sports to its fullest extend use camera angles better not just one camera. I am sure our football can do better than any.
 Anselm Pio Noronha (09/06/2008)
  what's the full form of JCT?
 Fullmoon (08/06/2008)
  Hi All, I am new here but have been a staunch Wolves Fan for almost thirty odd years. Nice to read about the signing on between Wolves and JCT. Hope to hear more from the fans at JCT as i know a little about the Indian league. Bhuttia is a big household name and used to remember teams like Mohan Bagun. Have got a contact plying his coaching trade with Churchill Bros. His name is Karim Bencherifa. Am also involved in the Sleague in Singapore with Woodlands Wellington FC as an administartive in the Fan club dept. Cheers and Regards, Fullmoon
 Ashirwad Shetty (01/06/2008)
  Great going JCT.Just one sugeestion.Can you update the player section with other details...height,weight,strengths weakness etc.
 Rajinder Singh Sembi (26/05/2008)
  Hi to my fellow football supporters i'd like to wish everyone every succes with the new venture between JCT and Wolverhampton Wanderers (i've been supporting wolves for 20 years now and look forward to seeing what becomes of our new found friendship
 abhijit (14/05/2008)
  why dont u buy local boy manjeet singh from mahindra??? he has been benched there for almost 3 years...
 mohammed (07/05/2008)
  my name is mohammed and i wish we call back our ghanian goal keeper back to help us.bcs i like the way he saves us.
 Jas Bains (06/05/2008)
  Dear Samir & friends Congratulations on a terrific website all the best Jas Bains England
 jafar khan (06/05/2008)
  congrates for JCT management , for making a club website
 Umesh Mathur (06/05/2008)
  One of the strongest team in India football arena. Keep going guys.........best of luck.......
 Mohit Saxena (22/04/2008)
  JCT Played very well against Salgaocar beating them by 4-0 to finish 3rd in I league standing
 James (22/04/2008)
  I have to agree that i am very sceptical of the outcome of this research , i would also like too see some secondary evidance for these claims as i just cannot accept that there is not a massive lasting psychological effect for teams playing at their own grounds!...If more researchers come too the same conclusion then i will just have too accept it!.